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Walter Berry, aka The Wizard of Awes is a certified dreamworker, having graduated from the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work and holds weekly dream groups (which have been featured in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times). He has his MFA in theatre arts, is a visual artist and lighting designer in the motion picture industry. He is a past board member for the International Association for the Study of Dreams, a member of the IASD Conference Committee, conducts workshops internationally, appears on multiple radio shows, has written articles for Dreamtime Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and lives in Southern California. 


Sophia Louisa interviews Walter Berry about working dreams and the release of "Drawn into the dream: How drawing can take you to the land of awes"

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Drawn into the Dream


What if your unconscious could draw? Well, it turns out it can. Your brilliant unconscious has been trying to talk to you through your dreams your entire life. You have probably worked with these crazy symbolic images that appear in dreams, but here a new method will be introduced. 

Instead of just talking about them, we will draw them. These simple lines which depict a dream are the focal point as we explore their meanings and emotions. Just like the dream images of wooly mammoths and horses created by Upper Paleolithic peoples in the caves of Southern France 20,000 years ago, our drawings will produce the same emotion—awe. In this state of awe, we will understand what our dreams are saying, and what we need to do as we traverse this mortal coil.

Awe is a central theme of the book. You will experience the author encountering awe for the first time as he carried Judy Garland to her dressing room for six nights in 1967. The author weaves his life’s tale around the untangling of meanings of the myriad of dreams he has encountered as a dreamworker. You will see how a pair of shoe laces in a dream saved a life, and how a grief-eating panther brought peace to the daughter of a suicide victim. A fun and enlightening read as the author makes you feel completely Awe-full.

Welcome to the Land of Awes.

Walter Berry takes his own advice and draws his dreams on camera and analyzes the drawing as he draws it.


Walter Berry has a way with words, a way with art and a wondrous way with dreams. In Drawn into the Dream, he opens the portals of inspiration and awe and leads readers to vital and creative ways of working with dreams and learning the language of their souls. 

Michael Meade


Awakening the Soul and Fate and Destiny

Illuminated Rock

Walter Berry talks with Debbie Spector Weisman on her radio show DREAM POWER RADIO about dreams and awe and his new book Drawn into the Dream.

Robert Moss interviews Walter Berry on his new book Drawn into the Dream.